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Clenzoil Gun Products
Cleaning and Protecting Guns Since WWII


Clenzoil Field and Range Solution

Clenzoil Field and Range Solution has been used and tested since
the start of WWII and has proven itself worthy of every environmental condition.
It is long used and regarded as the best cleaner, lubricant and rust protector.

Only £11.49


Clenzoil Rifle and Shotgun Soc

These 'Gun Socs' provide maximum protection against
rust, dirt and scratches with their silicone-treated polyester
and cotton material. The Soc will not hold moisture making them
ideal for all year round firearm storage.
Will stretch to 10" wide and is 52" long.

Only £12.95


Clenzoil Foaming Aerosol

Clenzoil Foaming Aerosol holds the same broad based usage and
tolerance structure as liquid Clenzoil. Can be used to spray a large area or
hold the unit close to the application area to remove all grime and dirt whilst
at the same time leaving a protective covering on the surface.

Only £11.95


Clenzoil Hinge Pin Jelly (HPJ)

Clenzoil HPJ is the ideal product for any and every single application
where heavier grease is required with respect to any type of weapon.

Only £8.49


Clenzoil Lamb's Wool Applicator

Clenzoil Lamb's Wool Applicator are made of the highest quality
vegetable-tanned wool allowing for its multi-surface use with
no detriment or harm to any finish on your firearm.
The applicators are approximately 5" in diameter

Only £8.49


Clenzoil One-Step Solution Patches

The one-step solution patch kit allows you to take the custom,
fibre-woven, pre-saturated patch into the field with you.
Each kit contains approximately 75 patches

Only £9.95


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