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Swiss Army Knives


Swiss Army Knives
Swiss Champ                                                        The Huntsman
The Victorinox "Swiss Army knife" is over 100 years old.

Victorinox Huntsman

The Huntsman multitool is at home in any territory, A great tool for the weekend outdoors person.

£27.00 red
£30.10 camo

Victorinox Farmer

Perfect for any farmer, includes wirestripper, woodsaw, large blade, reamer & many more.


Victorinox Sportsman

The sportsman has 13 functions including a large blade, corkscrew, bottle opener, reamer/punch, toothpick & tweezers.


Victorinox Fisherman

Fishing with class & style, From a hook disgorger to a fish scaler, The Fisherman is the perfect tool for any fishing kit.


Victorinox Waiter

The perfect tool for the barman or waiter. Complete with corkscrew, blade & bottle opener


Victorinox Signature

Complete with seven tools including screwdriver, scissors, key ring, nail file, blade, retractable ball point pen & LED mini white light.


Victorinox Spartan

The Spartan is the descendant of the legendary "officers knife", It is one of the bestsellers, its available in red and camouflage.

£16.20 red
£18.50 camo

Victorinox Camper

The cornerstone of any camping equipment, includes large & small blade, tweezers, toothpick, can opener, reamer, sewing eye & many more.


Victorinox Hiker

Whether hiking in the mountains, camping or at a boy scouts camp, The Hiker is as essential as the sleeping bag.


Victorinox Climber

Great for climbing or trekking adventures, includes large & small blades, multi purpose hook, reamer/punch and many more. Available in black & red


Victorinox Rucksack

Ready for any adventure, with a wood saw and 11 additional functions, this pocket multi tool will see you through thick & thin.


Victorinox Soldier

With more functions & improved grips, the new Soldier knife is better than all its predecessors, includes a large blade (one hand opening),


Victorinox Handyman

Takes the rough with the smooth in both every day life & leisure, The Handyman includes pliers, wire cutters, wire crimping tool, screwdriver, woodsaw & many more.


Victorinox Swiss Champ

Always on hand & at the ready...A toolbox in pocket format, You will be right at the front in every situation with the Swiss Champ, It has 33 high quality functions with an award winning design.



If you can't see the model you require please ring for a price.

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