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Bradley Smoker


Here at Kirklees Guns we are a stockist for the Bradley smoker, The Bradley smoker is capable of low temperature cold smoking whilst also capable of hot smoking, barbecuing, and slow roasting. The Bradley smoker makes clean tasting food with out any aftertaste, The smoker automatically produces clean, cool smoke for up to 8 hours safely without intervention.The smoker is light enough to carry and is about the size of a small fridge.

  Popular models

The Bradley Original smoker is accompanied with its own smoke generator in which the flavoured bisquettes are burned for 20 mins so that the temperature does not fluctuate, eliminating the high temperature gases, acids and resins that can distort the flavour of smoked food.We offer the Original smoker for £310.00

The Bradley 4 rack digital smoker has a capacity of 76 litres, with the added benefit of a digital programming to control the temperature & cooking time, plus a seperate control for the length of smoking time.The 4 rack smoker is available for £385.00


Bradley flavoured Bisquettes
Bradley flavoured bisquettes are rendered from the natural hardwoods without additives, the flavour of the smoke is determined by the variety of wood being burned, there are many flavours;
Alder,Apple,Cherry,Hickory,Maple,Mesquite,Oak,Pacific blend,Pecan,Special blend & Whiskey oak.

Alder & Maple give a rich & distinct flavour commonly used with seafood,hams & bacon.

The stronger and distinct flavour of mesquite & hickory are commonly used for smoking beef & pork.

Apple & cherry give a sweeter, milder smoke flavour, commonly used with poultry & game meat.

The bisquettes are priced at £3.65 for a pack of 12,

VACUUM PACKERS from £35.00 Various bags in stock to keep fresh any foodstuff.


A recipe to try

Smoked duck breast

Choose plump, meaty duck breasts. Using a sharp knife make diagonal incisions in a diamond pattern into the skin of the breasts & rub them with a mix of 30g salt & 30g brown sugar- mainly on the meat side. Leave for about an hour then rinse & pat dry.

Lay the duck breasts skin side up over a scattering of fresh rosemary & thyme sprigs.

Fill the stack on the Bradley smoker with oak bisquettes & start to cook at 80 oc, once heated place the breasts in the smoker over a drip tray & smoke for 2 hours, then raise the temperature to 100 oc & smoke until the core temperature reaches 72 oc, remove & allow to cool. ENJOY.

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